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Find official HP Recovery Media for your HP product

Start with a clean slate to recover or speed up your device

  • Easily perform a full system recovery with step-by-step guidance
  • Start with a clean slate, ideal if your device is not responding or performing as it should
  • Easily reinstall the original Windows operating system (depending on your device: HP Recovery Disk for Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7)
  • Depending on your device, you’ll receive an HP Recovery Disk or HP Recovery USB containing the original shipping configuration and installation instructions
Find your HP Recovery Media
"I plugged in the USB stick, turned on the laptop and followed the steps. It was easy to install. My laptop is now running smoothly again, as if it were brand new."
Sam O.
Find your HP Recovery Media
To find the correct HP Recovery Disk or HP Recovery USB, we need your PC's product number.
You can find this number on a sticker beneath or at the back of your HP product. Or click on the HP Support Assistant "?" icon in your system tray. for more information on HP Support Assistant click here:   http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant
How it works: 3 easy steps
Recover your device easily with our HP Recovery Media, tailor made for your device.
HP Technical Support


Purchase your HP Recovery Media


Receive the HP Recovery Kit containing a disk or USB within 10 business days (3 days for Express delivery)


Insert the HP recovery media on your PC and follow instructions to restore your product to its original configuration

Once your order is confirmed we will ship your HP Recovery Disk or USB to you. Need help or have additional questions? Our Sales team is here to guide you to the right support plan for your device.
Call HP sales on 0207 660 3115.

Find your HP Recovery Media
Common questions

These are the top questions for HP Recovery Kit. Click on a question to find the answer.

How do I use the HP Recovery Disk?

To use the HP Recovery media, start the computer and wait until it has fully started up, then insert the HP Recovery USB or Disk into the drive tray. Then restart the computer and it will restart from the Recovery disk; follow directions for further installation.

Is my HP Recovery Disk compatible with other devices?

No, HP Recovery Disks are specific to the unit that they are created or purchased for and will not work on other units.

Can I buy a second set of HP Recovery Disks?

Yes, if you need a second set of the HP Recovery Disk, it's possible to buy another set. It's generally not possible to create a second set of Recovery Disks yourself.

How much does an HP Recovery Disk cost?

You can purchase your HP Recovery Kit on the Best2Serve website starting at £ 41.45. The price of the HP Recovery media depends on your HP product; you can find your product number at the back of your HP product and check the price of your Recovery Kit.

Can I download the HP Recovery Disk?

No, the HP Recovery Disk is not available for download. Depending on how your product is functioning and the condition of your hard drive, it may be possible to Create an HP Recovery Disk yourself. Or to purchase a Recovery Kit, fill in your HP product number and follow the instructions; your HP Recovery Disk will be shipped within 6 to 10 business days. 

What is the difference between the HP Recovery Disk and a Recovery Disk I make myself?

An HP Recovery Disk that you purchase includes the latest operating system and drivers, and therefore is more up to date than a Recovery Disk you make yourself - which contains contains only the operating system and drivers that come from your computer.

Download HP Care Pack terms & conditions

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