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Ultimate protection for your data and identity on all your devices

McAfee LiveSafe™ gives you complete protection, keeping your identity and data safe from theft and viruses. With unlimited licenses, it’s one service that secures every device you own.

McAfee LiveSafe
15 months
€ 89,99 € 41,95
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
Best deal!
McAfee LiveSafe
36 months
€ 269,99 € 99,99
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
McAfee LiveSafe
24 months
€ 179,99 € 69,99
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
Award-winning antivirus from McAfee
  • Over 50 awards for McAfee protection
  • Rated 6/6 for performance on AV test
  • 325 million devices protected worldwide
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Best McAfee antivirus offers

Buy with confidence and choose a longer subscription period to lock in our best McAfee antivirus offer for up to 3 years. It is also possible to use our offers for a McAfee subscription renewal.

McAfee LiveSafe review

McAfee Livesafe is reviewed in the AV Antivirus test 2016 as user friendly (6/6).

Multi-device protection

McAfee LiveSafe™ is all you need to secure your HP PC and every other device you own, including PC, Mac, smart phone (via McAfee LiveSafe app) and tablet.

How it works: 3 easy steps
"McAfee keeps you safe from viruses and other online threats."
McAfee LiveSafe team


Purchase your McAfee LiveSafe subscription


Receive a welcome e-mail within 1 hour with the necessary information to activate your subscription


Follow the e-mail instructions to download & install McAfee on your PC, tablet or smartphone

Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email within 1 hour with your unique support code.

Choose your McAfee LiveSafe product
Common questions

These are the top questions for McAfee LiveSafe. Click on a question to find the answer.

What is McAfee LiveSafe?

McAfee LiveSafe is software that protects against the latest viruses, malware and online threats. It's easy to install, and with one subscription it protects an unlimited number PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. HP recommends adding McAfee LiveSafe for complete protection for your PC.

On which devices can I use McAfee LiveSafe?

McAfee LiveSafe™ protects all the devices you own. One subscription of McAfee LiveSafe™ covers an unlimited number of device licenses so you can protect all your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Easily add new devices to your subscription to McAfee Livesafe offers and simply manage them from one place. 

Does McAfee LiveSafe really cover an unlimited number of devices?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices (PC's, Macs, smartphones and tablets) that are protected by one McAfee LiveSafe product. You can protect all your devices with just one purchase.

How can I install McAfee LiveSafe?

It's easy to install McAfee on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. First purchase McAfee antivirus offers, then you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from Best2Serve. Click on the activation code and follow the simple instructions to download the product. Then you can add additional devices in this same way.

If I have problems installing McAfee LiveSafe what can I do?

If McAfee LiveSafe won't install, get help at McAfee LiveSafe support. Free support by phone, chat or online from McAfee.

How can I activate McAfee LiveSafe?

Once you have purchased McAfee LiveSafe on the Best2Serve website, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from Best2Serve. Included in this e-mail is an activation code to use McAfee antivirus. After that, you only need to follow the steps to activate your subscription. If you need more information about installing or setting up your McAfee LiveSafe product, refer to McAfee LiveSafe Support for more information.

How much does McAfee LiveSafe cost?

Best2Serve offers McAfee LiveSafe at an extremely competitive price for HP customers: 15 months at £ 41.99 / € 41,95, 24 months at £ 54.99 / € 69,99 , 36 months at £ 79.99 / € 99,99. These prices are significantly less than the McAfee antivirus recommended prices.

Which McAfee LiveSafe subscriptions are there?

You can choose from the following McAfee antivirus offers on the Best2Serve website: 15 months, 24 months or 36 months. The advantage to purshase a McAfee Livesafe for a longer period is that you can lock in the low Best2Serve price for up to 3 years. 

How does McAfee LiveSafe compare to other antivirus software?

McAfee LiveSafe performs well compared to competitors on all areas including performance, usability and features. In regular testing McAfee LiveSafe gets high scores, and it wins in independent tests and reviews. That's the reason HP is confident in recommending McAfee antivirus offers to its customers.
Some examples include :
• PCMagazine - McAfee LiveSafe 2017 - Editor's Choice
• AV-Comparatives - Certified Windows Security - 2017
• AV-Test - Certification - July-August 2016 - AV Test, August 2016
• Fine Product Award - ComputerIdee Netherlands

How to Protect Additional Devices

1. Log in to McAfee My Account and click this icon on the Dashboard.

2. Under “Add a Device”, choose the device you want to protect.

3. Under “Choose a Product”, choose the security product you want to install. -For a PC or Mac select McAfee LiveSafe - Internet Security. -For a smartphone or tablet select McAfee LiveSafe - Mobile Security.

4. Follow the download instructions to complete the installation.

Download HP Care Pack terms & conditions

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