Ultimate protection for your data and identity on all your devices

McAfee LiveSafe™ gives you complete protection, keeping your identity and data safe from theft and viruses. With unlimited licenses, it’s one service that secures every device you own.

McAfee LiveSafe
15 months
£ 89.99 £ 39.99
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
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McAfee LiveSafe
36 months
£ 269.99 £ 79.99
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
McAfee LiveSafe
24 months
£ 179.99 £ 54.99
Incl. VAT -free digital delivery
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Best McAfee antivirus offers

Buy with confidence and choose a longer subscription period to lock in our best McAfee antivirus offer for up to 3 years. It is also possible to use our offers for a McAfee subscription renewal.

McAfee LiveSafe review

McAfee Livesafe is reviewed in the AV Antivirus test 2016 as user friendly (6/6).

Multi-device protection

McAfee LiveSafe™ is all you need to secure your HP PC and every other device you own, including PC, Mac, smart phone (via McAfee LiveSafe app) and tablet.

How it works: 3 easy steps
"McAfee keeps you safe from viruses and other online threats."
McAfee LiveSafe team


Purchase your McAfee LiveSafe subscription


Receive a welcome e-mail within 1 hour with the necessary information to activate your subscription


Follow the e-mail instructions to download & install McAfee on your PC, tablet or smartphone

Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email within 1 hour with your unique support code.

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