What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files on your computer, that websites use to store information. Almost every website uses cookies. Among other things, they are used to remember that you logged in, and to be able to track the number of unique visitors of a website.

Which cookies are used by Best2Serve?
Best2Serve uses cookies to remember information such as the products in your shopping basket, and the fact that you're logged in. We're also using Google Analytics at the moment, to see which of the pages on our website are popular, and if the shopping process is free of errors. Using tools such as Optimizely and CrazyEgg, we test changes to our website.

Change preferences for cookies?
Best2Serve cannot go without cookies entirely. The strictly necessary cookies are needed to ensure that our website works correctly, these cannot be turned off. The additional cookies can be turned off, and you can remove cookies from your computer at any time. The cookie settings for Best2Serve can be changed by using the link below:

Change preferences for use of cookies