With McAfee® LiveSafe™ all your digital life will be protected

McAfee works behind the scenes to help keep your PC running smoothly by protecting it from viruses, malware, and other digital threats.
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McAfee® LiveSafe™

Make the digital world a safer place for you and your family.

McAfee® LiveSafe™

McAfee LiveSafe™ gives you complete protection, keeping your identity and data safe from theft and viruses. With unlimited licenses, it’s one service that secures every device you own.

McAfee LiveSafe™ is all you need to secure your HP PC and every other device you own, including PC, Mac, smart phone (via McAfee LiveSafe app) and tablet.
Keep your identity and data secure with real-time anti-malware, a two-way firewall and a next generation scanning engine.
Get free customer support via phone, chat or online for the life of your license.
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McAfee® Small Business Security

Don't let viruses slow your business down.

McAfee® Small Business Security

McAfee® Small Business Security provides comprehensive security so that you can focus on running your business and ensure that you and your employees’ devices are always protected.

Secures your customer data and protects your business’s devices, keeping them running at top performance
Simply manage your security from one central location. Remotely manage the security on the devices used for your business by you and your employees.
Keep your business and customer data secure with email, web, and firewall protection. Block spam and dangerous emails from reaching you and your employees’ inboxes and enjoy many more McAfee® Small Business Security!
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Award-winning antivirus from McAfee
  • Over 50 awards for McAfee protection
  • Rated 6/6 for performance on AV test
  • 500 million devices protected worldwide
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