Get more peace of mind with HP Care Pack

Go above and beyond factory warranty with HP extended warranty and enjoy the convenience of free device pickup and return in case you need a repair. Rest easy with the confidence of reliable service and the ability to count on your technology.

✔ Available for HP computers, HP printers and HP tablets.

Your Benefits

Free Pick Up & Return

You get free pick-up and return to the address of your choice! Transportation, parts and labour are always free of charge.

Count on HP reliable support

Knowledgeable HP agents are available to support you. We'll repair your device using 100% genuine HP parts and HP expertise.

No Unexpected Costs

There are no deductibles, coverage limits or hidden fees. No bad surprises, no unexpected costs for HP Care Pack - even if we need to replace your entire device.

Find your HP Care Pack
We have HP Care Pack services for HP computers, HP printers and HP tablets.
To find an HP Care Pack service for you, we need your HP product code. Once you have entered it, we will search for the HP extended warranty that matches your product.
How to find your product number
You can find this code on a sticker at the bottom or at the back of your HP product.
How it works: 4 easy steps
We repair your device using HP original parts and make sure it gets back to you within 7 business days.
HP Repair Service


Purchase your HP Care Pack and receive an email with your Care Pack contract number and all the information you need.


In case of a hardware failure, just call the HP Customer Support Centre, who will troubleshoot your issue.

Pick-up & Repair

Free device pick-up from an address of your choice.

Return within 10-15 days

Free repaired device return, between 10-15 business days.

Once your order is confirmed, we will register your Care Pack for you, normally within 2 business days following purchase.

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