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HP SmartFriend 1 year subscription

Art. no. HZ813E

Get the help you need, when you need it for your computer and tablet with the SmartFriend Subscription service. Rely on friendly one-on-one expert assistance for up to 3 devices to guide you no matter which brand of PC or tablet you own.

With protected remote access, certified experts from HP can guide you through a solution and even teach you new ways to use your computer or tablet. It’s an ideal, worry-free technology experience.

More information? Call us at 0207 660 3115 (United Kingdom) or
01 533 9816 (Ireland).

£ 12.50 per month
Incl. VAT free digital delivery
Direct digital delivery

How does it work?

1. Receive the service code 2. Call the HP SmartFriend service 3. Solve your problem

SmartFriend service

Get answers to your technology questions. SmartFriend experts are available to help you solve a problem with your computer or tablet and to teach you new ways to use your device, in a friendly and accessible way.

The HP expert will help provide assistance with the following and much more:
  • Software installation
  • Help with setting up a wireless or wired network
  • Help with a software program
  • Device won't boot up
  • Device running slowly
  • Virus removal
  • Operating system upgrade
  • Data migration from an old device to a new one
  • Connectivity assistance

Terms and Conditions


Supported OS Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Device types Computers and tablets
Supported brands All brands
Number of devices 3 devices
Cancellation No-fee cancellation