Norton™ Internet Security - 24 months

Art. no. HC021E

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All in one protection
  • Four different layers of smart protection proactively detect and eliminate threats before they reach your computer.
  • Identifies safe websites directly in your search results and proactively blocks unsafe sites.
  • Prevents cybercriminals from hacking into your PC and swiping your information when you use wireless networks.

Norton doesn’t slow down your PC
  • Norton delivers superior performance with fast scan speeds.
  • Runs in the background so it won't interrupt your work or play.
  • Won't swallow up your computer's memory and hard disk space.

  • Installs in a flash, with a single mouse click.
  • Proactively tells you if files and applications are safe or may slow down or crash your computer.
  • Free email, phone and live chat Support .

This offer is only available to HP desktop and laptop owners.