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HP SmartFriend
HP SmartFriend
HP SmartFriend

A friend when you need one

Imagine having a technician friend you can turn to whenever you face a problem with your PC that needs to be solved urgently. No matter how difficult or how many questions, your friend has fast and reliable solutions to your PC software, hardware and networking problems.

That could be a reality with HP SmartFriend service. Help is just a call away with a friendly, experienced agent at HP. We know how to fix your problems and help you free up your time for what's important to you.

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About the Service

You will get access to our specially-trained technicians over the phone who will provide assistance with the following and much more:

  • Questions and problems related to the most popular software applications
  • Supported Software list for PC users
  • Wired or wireless network setup
  • PC connectivity assistance
  • Operating system upgrade
  • Software installation process
  • Migrate data from an old PC to a new one

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