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HP PC Tune-up
HP PC Tune-up
HP PC Tune-up

Are any of these your stories?

  • PC startup is so slow that you can flip through the entire morning newspaper
  • Annoying pop-ups, distracting ads and error messages that won't go away.
  • Out of nowhere a virus attacks your PC, crippling your entire day
  • PC freezes too frequently needing you to reboot every now and then

If yes, it's really time for a tune-up. Let HP PC Tune-up Service solve these problems and much more, while you sit back and relax. We know exactly how to make your PC run at its best.

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About the Service

You will get one time access to our specially-trained technicians over the phone who will perform the following and much more:

  • Assist you with virus and spyware removal
  • Diagnose your hardware
  • Remove temporary files, cookies, unnecessary files and unused software applications
  • Install security and software updates
  • Provide you advice, consultation and education
  • Train you to perform future tune-ups yourself

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